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ATEMPORALITY One of the aspects that I take into account when carrying out an interior design and/or decoration project is that it should stand the test of time, avoiding fashions as far as possible. Previous Next


WARMTH Through the materials, textiles, colours, decoration, I get the spaces to transmit the warmth of home. That place where you always want to come back because you feel at ease and at peace. Previous Next


OPEN SPACES With them I manage to increase luminosity significantly. I like to incorporate them in projects because they generate visual continuity and multifunctional environments, they simplify the decoration of the walls, they make you share more moments in company, they make you...


NATURAL MATERIALS Using materials such as wood, bamboo, linen, cotton... we contribute to the sustainability of the planet, as well as being very aesthetic and helping me to give a warm and cosy touch to the spaces. Previous Next


VEGETATION Through the vegetation I get that the spaces have a very particular attraction that no other decorative element can offer, getting through it a unique and original place. Previous Next


ART Including art elements in your projects gives them your personality, conveying your story and creating sensations. Previous Next


STYLES Each space has its own specific style, so it is important to feel it in order to translate it into the project and create a harmonious space. Previous Next

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