Hello!!! I'm Monica, the person behind Bonhome Estudio

I am a homebody, I love the feeling of being at home where I live and I would love to help you feel the same, both at home and in your work space.

I was born in Cordoba, but I spent every summer in the Basque Country, where my mother was from.

I was fascinated by how beautiful the buildings were when we went for a walk and I kept imagining what they would look like inside.

When I was a little girl I enjoyed building houses with Tente and Lego with my little brother.

I loved going into houses I didn't know and investigating how they were decorated and being told the history of everything.

When I was a little older I enjoyed being on a construction site, seeing how it was built and analysing the layout plans.

Saturday mornings I remember going with my mother and sister to look at decoration shops.

Although I graduated in Economics and Business Studies, my true vocation has always been within me and that is why, at the age of 48, I decided to train professionally so that I could dedicate myself to it, fulfil my dream and thus be able to help anyone who needs me to improve their home or work space.

Over the years I have learnt to manage comprehensive projects, to work in a team, to draw up and follow up budgets, often under pressure. I have dealt with many different people in a wide variety of circumstances and have developed empathy and communication skills.

My Values


In order to know exactly what you need, through constant active listening and ongoing communication.


That pushes me to always give my best.


To find the best option for you.


So that you can really trust me and so that you can be relaxed, carefree and enjoy the beautiful project that we will have in hand.

More about me

I love travelling, discovering new places, soaking up colours, smells, textures, which awaken my creativity for the projects I carry out.

I'm very curious, I'm always investigating, studying, observing...

I place great value on silence, which is why I take it especially into account in all my projects. A beautiful space is useless if the acoustic comfort is not well resolved.

I attend many trade fairs related to this sector to keep up to date with new developments and meet new suppliers, so that I can offer you the options that best suit you among all the variety that is on the market.

I am said to be very intense, I put all my passion into everything I do and what I believe in.

I am a perfectionist, meticulous and detail-oriented, I love nature, architecture, cooking, meetings at home and photography.

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