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If you are like me a homebody and consider your home as your refuge, but right now you don't feel comfortable in it, I can help you.

Can you imagine that wonderful feeling of opening the door of your home or even just thinking about it, sighing thinking that there is no other house like yours and being filled with happiness?

Your quality of life and that of your loved ones will improve enormously, as I take great care in the spaces I design to ensure comfort at all levels, especially acoustic comfort, which is so important in this noisy world. I don’t like noise at all, so I take it especially into account when designing spaces.

You will have the home you have always dreamed of, warm, cosy, timeless, functional, bright, adapted to your needs and those of your family, where you will create happy memories and where everyone who enters will feel at ease and look forward to spending time with you and yours.

As you are a homebody, but you may also be an entrepreneur or businessman, you may not feel at ease in your workplace either.

You dream of a space that you can be proud of, that represents the image and values of your business, that your customers feel pampered and if you have employees, that they are comfortable and happy while they are in it, which will have a great impact on the working environment and their productivity.

I can also help you in this case because I like to design offices as if they were homes, warm, cosy and very comfortable.

As I have already mentioned, I pay a lot of attention to acoustic comfort, because it is quite unpleasant to work in a noisy space and it is not an aspect that is taken into account when designing homes or offices.

Oh, I almost forgot!!!, I also like to include a lot of greenery in my projects and I select furniture with ergonomics in mind, because after all, we spend too much time in our workspaces to be uncomfortable.

What will you get if you trust me with your project?
And what if I don’t like the result?

You don’t have to worry about that, because apart from listening carefully to your needs, for that one of my fundamental values is empathy, in my projects I include 3D images or renders and even videos if required, so that you are calm during the whole process and you only have to live it with the greatest possible illusion.

I can help you in different ways with your home or workspace:

With my help you will get the space you always dreamed of. Together we will look for the distribution that best suits your needs and those of your family, we will design careful lighting that will help to give the feeling of warmth and comfort that we are looking for, we will maximise natural light, we will select the coverings to be used such as floors, walls, etc., so that everything is harmonious and beautiful and in accordance with your tastes, I will design furniture and carpentry to measure if necessary and help to bring out the full potential of your home or office as well as any other aspect that may be necessary in relation to the envelope of the space. In addition, if you need it, I can also supervise that the work is carried out in accordance with the final project that we have carried out, because there is no point in having a beautiful project if the execution fails. This way you won’t have to worry about going to the building site and you can dedicate that time to enjoy doing what you like the most.
At the same time that we are in the interior design phase, or even if there is no intervention in that aspect, if you wish, I can also help you to dress those spaces that may be completely empty or need certain changes. There is no point in a beautiful box if the content does not match the box and it is totally tarnished, and vice versa. We will chat and you will tell me what your tastes are, so we will have a lot of fun choosing the fabrics, wallpapers, furniture, lighting, carpets, etc. and even the household linen and kitchenware if you need it. We will make the whole project harmonious, as decoration and interior design complement and enhance each other. Ah!!!! And I will also be with you if you wish throughout the whole process of purchasing and assembly, until your home or office is completely finished and you invite me for a cup of tea or a glass of wine to celebrate.
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