Shall we colaborate?

Have you ever felt the difficulty of working on a project where there were more professionals involved and a team had not been created for this purpose?

In addition, many clients do not want to deal with different professionals and prefer to deal with an organised and coordinated team.

Well, we can help each other and offer our clients all the services they need, which will benefit everyone.

The client will get the service he needs in its entirety and his project will gain in quality and organisation and you and I will not lose business opportunities and we will undoubtedly go further together than alone.

Architecture and interior design go hand in hand and complement each other perfectly, so if you belong to the architecture and/or construction sector I can help you to turn your project into a space with life, more welcoming and familiar, where you want to be and thus end up making your potential client fall in love with you. It includes aspects such as the study of the most functional distribution according to the needs of your client, adequate lighting, selection of the coverings to be used such as floors, walls…, design of furniture and custom-made carpentry and any other aspect related to the envelope of the space.
There are many cases in which your client also needs the decoration of the renovated or constructed spaces so that their project is completely finished and ready to be enjoyed, without them having to take care of anything. Through the selection of furniture and its finishes, wallpaper, colours, textures, lighting, vegetation, we will ensure that the spaces convey the sensation of home, are warm and welcoming, without losing sight of their functionality. I carefully select each of the elements that form part of the decoration, adapting myself to the tastes of your client, so that the success of the project is total.
Your project may also have an outdoor space that needs to be worked on or started from scratch, so I can help you to make this space well designed, functional, enhance its beauty even more and increase the overall value of the project. Landscaping, which is the art of planning, designing and planning open spaces, is becoming increasingly important because studies show that being in contact with nature improves people’s metal health.
Do you have properties in your portfolio that are difficult to sell or rent? Studies show that you only have 7 seconds to get the attention of the person looking for a property and that the decision they make is 70% emotional. That’s why I help you to make your properties stand out from the competition, get more visitors and therefore sell faster and at a better price. The first impression of a property together with a tour full of emotions and positive sensations, will make your property different from the rest of the market and make them want to live in it. I can help you in different ways: 1. Advice. After visiting the property, I draw up a report in which I detail the necessary actions to leave the property in the best conditions and to make the visitor fall in love with it and visualise themselves in it. In this case I advise you and you or the owner are in charge of carrying out the interventions and solving the deficiencies so that the property attracts the attention of as many interested parties as possible. 2. Basic Home Staging. In a short period of time the property will change completely without any building work, it will attract a lot of interest and you will be able to sell or rent it sooner, saving you time and effort. I will make the most of elements that your client already has and introduce decorative details to make it stand out more and some good photos will do the rest. 3. Virtual Home Staging. Have you ever owned or do you own vacant or very old properties? If so, you will agree that they require more complexity to capture their interest. That is why 3D images and videos are the perfect solution in these cases, recreating through renders or videos how the space would look like in order to attract the attention of the potential buyer or tenant.
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